An introduction to the author

Hello and welcome to Union school of motoring’s new Blog, my name is Graeme I am Union school of motoring’s Franchise manager and now our official blogger too, I am not sure if I have been promoted or demoted!

A little bit of my background

Why should you listen to me? I hear you say! Well driving has always been an important part of my life, from my beginnings as a motor mechanic to driving an LGV, all the way up to teaching people to drive a variety of different vehicles. I have been a qualified ADI (approved driving instructor) for 11 years now, I started my instructing career with BSM and then moved on to a smaller more independent company and finally came to Union school of motoring where I took the position of franchise manager.

I am qualified to drive and teach a wide variety of vehicles, From Category B (cars) to CE (articulated lorries) and lots more in between. I am a member of the Institute of advanced motorists and I have passed the Master driver qualification.

And most importantly I am passionate about driving and road safety, if my knowledge and experience can help just one person to increase their enjoyment of driving and increase road safety then I will consider this Blog a good job done.

Why do the Blog in the first place?

This is a question I have been asked a few times now and well we decided to start this blog to try and offer a little advice and help to drivers of all levels, from first time learners to ADI who are looking to further their career. At Union we have a lot of collective driving experience and hopefully that experience will help a few people out.

We welcome and encourage people to ask questions and create discussion, if you have questions you would like to be answered always feel free to ask my email is:

All sensible :0) questions will be answered!

Well I think that is enough talking about me, I hope you enjoy the blogs.

Keep driving, stay safe and I hope to see you next time.

Graeme Howard
Franchise manager
Union school of motoring

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