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Driving lessons in Surrey and Hampshire

Union school of motoring is one of the leading driving schools in surrey. With our decade of experience and many successes in the driver training industry, Union school of motoring is the right choice to help you on your way to becoming an accomplished driver that is not only capable of passing the DVSA driving test but remaining a competent and safe driver for life.

At Union school of motoring we understand we all have different financial needs, that is why we offer flexible payment options.

Pay as you go

Pay for lessons as you go, no need to make large payments for blocks of hours.



1 hour


1hr 30


2 hrs



1 hrs


1hr 30


2 hrs

Pay less for block bookings

Take advantage of discounts offered
for block bookings.



10 hrs



10 hrs

Manual or automatic?

At Union school of motoring all our instructors are adept at teaching both manual and automatic cars, but what is the practical difference?

Basically, it is all about the gearbox, in a manual car, you will have to operate the clutch and gears yourself, while an automatic car changes gears for you depending on your speed. This means that manual cars have some extra controls that you will need to operate that simply are not present in automatic cars: a gear stick and a clutch pedal. Because of these extra controls, manual cars can be a little harder to learn at the start of your training, which can lead to longer learning times.

While it may seem like Automatic is the logical choice it does come with some drawbacks. If you pass your driving test in an automatic car, you are only legally allowed to drive automatic cars, basically your driving licence will be restricted. Learning to drive and passing the driving test with a manual transmission means your licence will allow you to drive both manual and automatic cars.

Intensive courses

Unfortunately we are unable to offer Intensive courses at the moment.

Have a deadline, need to learn fast?
Take advantage Union school of motoring’s intensive courses.
1 Week intensive course manual and automatic transmission*


20 hours


25 hours


30 hours

30% deposit require at booking, balance paid before the lessons start
**course only applicable with previous driving experience 10 hours minimum
*** Theory test must be completed before booking


Test Day

A Dual control car is supplied for the Driving Test, including 1hr pre-test practise and transport to and from test centre. This is subject to a 3-mile radius. Longer distances are individually priced.

Is an Intensive course right for me?

The aim of an intensive driving course is to supply you with all the training you will need to pass the DVSA driving test in a shorter time than a more conventional learning time period, usually 1-2 weeks. Intensive courses are not right for everyone, you can be driving for up to 5 hours per day, 5 days a week, with the pressure of a driving test at the end of the week and that can be stressful. When considering an intensive driving course, it is important to consider how you as an individual deal with stressful situations. However, if you are good at dealing with pressure then an intensive course could be the right course of action for you. If you are a complete beginner, it would be in your advantage to learn the basics before you start the course:

Steering wheel icon

Steering control

Foot on pedal icon


Tyre icon

Gear change & clutch control (manual transmission only)

All Union school of motoring driving lessons and intensive driving courses will be one-to-one tuition and all our lesson will be carried out by an approved ADI. Terms and conditions apply and can be supplied on request.

- What people say about us -

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I learnt to drive with Simon from Union, good clear instructions and made me feel at ease! Thanks so much!
Katy, Richmond
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If you are going to be confined to such a small place for a long period of time, its important that you can have a giggle with your instructor as well. Passed first time and had a laugh along the way. What more could you want.
Stuart, Kingston
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I learnt with union good clear instructions very honest with the amount of lessons I needed pass first time with 0 minor faults!! Best all round experience than I could have hoped for. I would recommend them. Thanks again.
Hamdulla, Kew
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I am very happy with the driving instruction I received from Barbara. I passed my driving test first time with only one minor! Barbara is professional, thorough and approachable. I always looked forward to my driving lessons and can highly recommend Barbara to my friends and family.
Mariella, Kingston
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